Chapter 913

Paul was very curious about Charlie. Initially, he thought that Charlie was a member of the Wade family in Eastcliff. Although his assumption was later rebutted, a new doubt arose inside Paul’s mind upon the mention of the title ‘Master Wade’. It was also Paul’s objective in inviting Charlie to come over and check out the Feng Shui layout here. Indeed, he had a master to check and arrange the Feng Shui layout in his office. If Charlie could not tell the existence of these layouts when he was here, it proved that he did not have what it took to be called Master Wade. But if Charlie could clearly see the layout, it meant that he was extraordinary. Unexpectedly, Charlie could see all the Feng Shui layouts at a glance. These layouts had been reviewed and studied by the previous master for a long time before deciding their arrangements, yet it only took Charlie one glimpse to see them all. Charlie was not annoyed by Paul’s skepticism. On the contrary, he admired Paul’s blunt honesty an

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