Chapter 912

A founder often used their last name as the name of the company they founded. For example, the famous Boeing Company, the aerospace group that produced passenger aircrafts, military aircrafts, and space shuttles, was named after its founder, William Edward Boeing. Another example was Conrad Hilton, who founded the world-renowned Hilton Group, an American multinational hospitality company that managed and franchised a broad portfolio of hotels and resorts. The Hilton family was one of the prominent families in America. Paul’s full name was Paul Smith, Paul being his first name and Smith his last. His father had named their law firm ‘Smith Group Corporate Law’ after his family name since he founded the company and it gained an enormous resounding reputation internationally after many years of hard work. When Paul decided to shift his company to Aurous Hill, he chose the best central business district in the city and the most prosperous office building in the area, Gemdale Plaza. Th

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