Chapter 911

William, who was disdainful of Jacob, suddenly became a little dreaded. Oscar was so respectful and reverent to his son-in-law, which proved that Jacob was a more important figure than him in Oscar’s opinion. He asked his friends about Jacob’s son-in-law’s information, who happened to have attended the last reunion. He said with a smile, “Oh, him. I think he’s an unemployed househusband, but we’re not quite sure exactly what he does for a living.” William was a businessman, after all. He had seen much of life to know the differences. Oscar’s attitude alone was enough to indicate that Jacob’s son-in-law was not someone he could underestimate. He must be a somebody who did great things to earn such honorable recognition from Oscar. This also made him feel worried and fearful of the consequences after ridiculing Jacob earlier. He could tell that, based on Oscar’s gracious manner towards Jacob, it would not end well for him if he went up against Jacob for real. He glanced at Jacob, h

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