Chapter 915

Paul admired Charlie from the bottom of his heart. He was an American who was more like an Oskian! He was obsessed with Oskian traditional culture and Feng Shui metaphysics to the point of worshipping. Charlie’s earlier comments and remarks made him feel that Charlie’s insight and expertise in Feng Shui were unfathomable. He also understood why someone was willing to give Charlie a fancy villa worth hundreds of millions of dollars. Paul was very aware of the importance of a Feng Shui master. A competent master could not only help people improve their luck and gather wealth, but they could even help people change their luck and therefore their futures! Therefore, every Feng Shui master came with their own price tag, the better they were, the higher their appearance fees were. Rumors had it that Ka-Shing Li, Hong Kong’s wealthiest man, would pay hundreds of millions of Hong Kong dollars per visit for their designated Feng Shui master. This was also why he felt that the four million

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