Chapter 899

Jacob dressed up as though he was someone who had just returned from abroad, looking very handsome and stylish today. This time, Jacob and Matilda had a tacit understanding with one another. Jacob did not bring Charlie along with him and Matilda did not bring her son, Paul with her. Jacob personally drove his BMW 5 Series all the way to Shangri-La to pick Matilda up so that they could go and visit their alma mater together. Matilda wore a long gray woolen coat and she looked very classy and elegant today. Jacob was overwhelmed and extremely fascinated when he saw Matilda standing at the entrance of Shangri-La. He hurriedly got out of his car to open the car door for Matilda. At this time, he could not help but exclaim, “Matilda, you’re dressed so beautifully today!” Matilda smiled slightly before she said, “I’m already an old person now so how can I possibly be that beautiful anyway? I decided to tidy myself up and dress up a little nicer today because we’re going back to visit ou

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