Chapter 900

Jacob nodded slightly as he thought about their previous class reunion. During that gathering, many of their old classmates had teased Jacob about his previous love triangle with Matilda and Elaine. At this time, Jacob told Matilda seriously, “Matilda, some of our old classmates will definitely tease us about the incident that happened back then during our class reunion today. I hope that you won’t take it too seriously and you shouldn’t take what they say to heart. They are just a bunch of rude and old people!” Matilda smiled slightly before she said, “I don’t mind if they joke around, as long as they aren’t distorting the facts. If I was really afraid that they would ridicule me, then I wouldn’t have arranged for this class reunion today! All of our old classmates have not seen me for more than twenty years now! What is the point of teasing me now?” *** When they arrived at the National Bell Height University, Jacob parked his car at the parking lot near the entrance of the schoo

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