Chapter 898

Jacob cleaned himself up and he dressed up immediately. After that, he did not even want to have breakfast at home because he was simply too anxious to go out. When Claire saw him all dressed up again, she asked him immediately, “Dad, where are you going so early in the morning?” Jacob replied cheerfully, “I have already made an appointment to meet up with your Aunt Hall. Both of us are going to visit our alma mater together today since she has not been back in Aurous Hill for more than twenty years now!” When Claire heard this, she suddenly got angry and she blurted out, “Mom has already been missing for more than two days and two nights now and there is no news on her at all. How could you still go out to hang out with Aunt Hall at a time like this? Aren’t you going to go out to help us to look for Mom at all?” “Well…” Jacob chuckled slightly before he replied in a secretive tone, “Well, aren’t you and Charlie already looking for Mom? After all, both of you are still young and it

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