Chapter 897

When they saw the desperate look on Elaine’s face, the police officers quickly exchanged glances with one another. After that, the police officer who was playing the hero asked, “Elaine, we can consider letting you go but there are some issues that we would have to discuss with you first. First of all, if we really do allow you to go home today, then what are you going to tell your family if they ask you about your whereabouts for the past two days?” Elaine hurriedly replied, “I…I will tell them…for the past two days…in these two days…” Elaine hesitated for a long time without saying anything at all. This was because she did not know what to say or how she should explain things to her husband and daughter when she got home. After all, she has already disappeared for two days and two nights for no reason at all. What was even more important was the fact that there was not a single spot on her body which has not been beaten up at all. Furthermore, Elaine also lost her two front teeth

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