Chapter 880

As both of them continued talking, a burning smell suddenly spread throughout the kitchen. Matilda exclaimed, “Oh no! My stir-fried shrimp!” After that, she hurriedly pushed Jacob away and she was blushing as she ran towards the side of the stove. She looked at the pan and she suddenly wailed, “It’s over! It’s gone! The shrimp is burnt now!” Jacob hurriedly reminded her, “Turn off the fire quickly! Otherwise, it’ll get even more burnt!” Matilda hurriedly turned off the gas on the stove. The shrimp in the pan was completely burnt at this point. She could only say helplessly, “This is all your fault! The stir-fried shrimp was originally my best dish but now it is completely destroyed…” Jacob also felt very guilty and embarrassed. Therefore, he hurriedly said, “Should I go out to buy you another bag of shrimp?” At this time, both Charlie and Paul who were enjoying their tea outside also smell the burning smell coming out from the kitchen. Charlie subconsciously asked, “Do you think

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