Chapter 881

The two first lovers continued working hard in the kitchen and they finally came out with a table full of dishes after more than one hour. Jacob came out and told Charlie and Paul, “Get ready! We can eat soon.” After that, Jacob asked Paul, “By the way, Paul, would you like to have a drink or two with me tonight?” Paul smiled slightly before he took out a gift box and said, “Uncle Wilson, it so happens that I’ve also brought two bottles of 30-years old Kweichow Moutai liquor. This bottle of Kweichow Moutai isn’t just any ordinary Moutai. This is the exported version of the liquor from over twenty years ago. This liquor was exported to the United States and it was kept and preserved by collectors in the United States until now. Each bottle weighs about two kilograms.” Jacob was very surprised and he said, “Thirty years aging after being exported more than twenty years ago? Wouldn’t it be more than fifty years now?” “Yes!” Paul smiled before he said, “I believe that it’s about fifty

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