Chapter 879

Jacob suddenly became very emotional as they spoke about this matter. He stared right into Matilda’s eyes before he said emotionally, “Matilda, I’m not joking with you. Every word that I am saying comes from the bottom of my heart. For the past twenty over years after you left me, I have never been happy at all. Not even for a single day. We’re both already so old, so why can’t we put aside all of these scruples and focus on pursuing our love instead?” Matilda sighed faintly before she said, “Jacob, I’ve also thought about everything that you’ve just said. To be honest, I have such illusions and thoughts in my heart too. However, our current situation really isn’t the same as it used to be. The thing I hate the most in my life is a third party. Therefore, I do not wish to become a third party in anyone’s relationship. That’s all the more why we shouldn’t be so anxious and act so hastily in this matter. You should give me some time and I’ll also give you some time to think about us.”

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