Chapter 861

The lunch gathering at Shangri-La was delightful and fun. Jacob and Matilda were feeling equally happy. She was feeling under the weather after her husband’s death but it seemed that the sky had cleared now. Paul was very pleased to see his mother in such a good mood. As for Charlie, he felt sorry for his father-in-law. The reason was nothing more than Matilda being too perfect for him. He couldn’t imagine what would happen when such a glamorous, elegant, wealthy lady who was also single returned to Aurous Hill. She would attract a lot of attention, especially the pursuit of other wealthy old men, which would only accumulate troubles for Jacob. Matilda and Paul were rather exhausted after traveling for long hours back to Oskia. Hence, after lunch, Jacob and Charlie sent them to their room at Shangri-La. Again, Jacob was taken aback because Matilda and Paul checked into the extremely luxurious executive suites. The executive suite in Shangri-La was second only to the presidential

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