Chapter 860

Jacob glanced at Matilda in bewilderment. “Matilda, are you very proficient in law and the firm?” Paul chuckled and said, “Uncle, don’t underestimate my mother. In fact, she is also a Ph.D. graduate from Yale. She and my father met at the Master’s School at Yale and married afterward. Later, my father founded the law firm and my mother was always there to assist him. If not because of my mother, my father’s career would not take off and sail so smoothly.” Then, he sighed, “Too bad I’m still not capable of handling the firm myself yet, so I need my mother’s help to assist me.” Matilda chuckled, “Son, you have done a great job. I hope that you can grow up as soon as possible and take over the company as a whole, then I can finally enjoy my retirement.” She couldn’t help sighing, “Now that I’m back to Oskia and Aurous Hill, my biggest dream is not to start our family business here, but to enjoy the retirement life of an Oskian old lady peacefully.” Then, she secretly gazed at Jacob a

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