Chapter 862

Jacob suddenly turned his head to Charlie and asked worriedly, “Charlie, do you think your mother-in-law will ever come home?” Charlie frowned rather awkwardly. “Dad, what do you want me to say? Should I say yes or no?” Jacob startled in bewilderment then said sheepishly, “Hey, stop beating around the bush. I know you are not satisfied with your mother-in-law too just like me, right?” Charlie turned to him in shock and exclaimed, “Dad, I never said that!” Jacob looked askance at him and said, “It’s just between us, you don’t have to hide with me. Claire is not here anyway, we can say whatever we want, am I right?” Charlie knew what his father-in-law was thinking. He was looking for a partner in crime. He didn’t want Elaine to come home, but Claire wanted her mother to be found as soon as possible. Hence, a psychological confrontation had formed between the father and daughter which made the current score at 1:1. Charlie was the neutral party, in this case, so Jacob desperately

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