Chapter 815

Charlie, who had always been calm and steady, couldn’t help being dumbfounded when he saw the message! There were a total of 21.9 billion deposited in his Citibank black card. Among that was the ten billion that had been originally in the account when Stephen first gave him the card. Then, there was the ten billion that he had exploited from Masao Kobayashi, and one billion he obtained from Jiro Kobayashi after his father’s death. There was also the one billion he had received from Lord Moore that he didn’t know how to deal with, so he had deposited the money into the card. Hence, he had a balance of twenty two billion in his account. But since he didn’t spend much of the money, there were 21.9 billion plus tens of millions in change. But now, someone had transferred 21.9 billion away! Who had done it?! The first person he thought of was the Wade family. Did they decide to take back his card because he was unwilling to return to the family for so long? No, it was highly unlike

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