Chapter 814

Then, Dorian said immediately, “I received a notification here that says the money has been transferred.” Elaine quickly opened the mobile banking app on her phone to check. She frowned frustratedly and asked, “Why haven’t I received it yet?” “Oh, don’t worry, this is 21.9 billion, after all. When such a large amount of money is involved, the banking system has to repeatedly confirm the transaction and also report it to the headquarters for filing purposes, so it will take a while for the transfer to complete.” Elaine growled in frustration. “Oh my god, are you kidding me? Do I have to wait? How long do I have to wait?!” “I’m not sure, it will take either tens of minutes or maybe up to one working day” “Oh my god, why does it take so long? Hurry and urge the system to work faster or I’ll order the Citibank to fire you!” “It’s not up to me to control it, it’s the decision from the headquarters. My hands are tied even if you sue me in court…” From the looks of it, Elaine determine

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