Chapter 813

Elaine felt a sense of comfort and at ease when she heard Dorian’s remark. So the ATMs were for ordinary people! Hahaha, by ordinary people, did he mean poor people? Haha! He was right. She was about to become a super-rich woman with a net worth of billions, how could her noble self perform the transaction in front of an ATM like those lowlifes? Elaine grinned triumphantly as she stretched herself and said, “Not bad, Lee, good job!” “Oh, you are too welcome!” Dorian said respectfully, “You want to make a transfer, am I right? I will assist you personally.” He sat opposite Elaine and turned on the computer in the VIP room. When the computer was turned on, he asked, “Ma’am, which account and how much are you going to transfer to?” Elaine took out her card, handed it to him along with the black card, and uttered, “Transfer 21.9 billion from this black card to this white ICBC card!” Dorian was startled to the point that he almost wet himself. “Ma’am…are you sure you want to trans

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