Chapter 812

‘Yes, I am Elaine. My execution style is like a tornado, wherever I go, I don’t leave anything behind!’ Gripping the card tight in her hand, she walked into the bank, thrilled and determined. A young and enthusiastic young man approached her as soon as she walked in, “Hello, how may I help you? Let me get you a number.” Elaine waved the black card in her hand and said eagerly, “I would like to make a transfer!” The young woman was bewildered when she saw the card! All Citibank staff had undergone professional training before they started work. In one of the training classes, there was a section dedicated to explaining about the black card! The black card was Citibank’s most exclusive card. It was limited to one hundred cards in the world and there were only five in the country! Everyone owning the black card was Citibank’s super VIP customer that could enjoy a personalized treatment with utmost respect and hospitality by the top executives of any branch! The young staff had nev

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