Chapter 816

“Okay.” Charlie felt relieved as well. Two minutes after he ended the call, he received another text message that said, “Dear Mr. Charlie Wade, a total of $21,900,000,000.00 has been credited to your black card account at 15:06 today.” Charlie finally calmed down with the money back in his hands. Then, another serious question arose in his mind. Elaine had stolen his card, tried out his password, and saw the shocking balance in his card. What if Claire found out about it? How would he explain it to her?! Charlie’s expression became more and more eerie. ‘Elaine, I’ve endured your nasty attitude towards me for so long because you were Claire’s mother, but you were playing with fire today.’ ‘I wouldn’t let you go easily today!’ Determined, he made another call to Isaac. As soon as the call was answered, Isaac’s respectful voice resonated. “Mr. Wade, how may I help you?” Charlie uttered angrily, “My nasty mother-in-law has stolen my card and ransacked my money, 21.9 billion in t

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