Chapter 804

Charlie nodded sternly. Since they wanted to remain so stubborn and audacious, he didn’t have to give in. “Grandma, since you don’t have a place to live, how about I arrange a place for you? It includes food and housing and doesn’t cost a penny.” “Shut up!” Lady Wilson chided disdainfully, “You want me to live in the old apartment where the four of us used to live, don’t you? No freaking way! I don’t want to live in such a shabby place! I will move into this Thompson First villa today!” Charlie said, amused, “Oh no, Grandma, you’re overthinking it. We bought the old apartment and we won’t let you stay in for free, of course.” He immediately took out his phone and texted Isaac. “The Wilson family has come to cause trouble at Thompson First. Call someone and lock these people up in the detention center for 2 weeks.” Isaac quickly replied, “Okay, Mr. Wade, I’ll get on it right now.” Elaine was extremely annoyed by Lady Wilson’s antiques, she tried to push her out the door with grea

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