Chapter 803

As Lady Wilson was about to kneel down, Jacob panicked and hurriedly reached out to stop her. The old lady was determined to kneel down anyway. She fell straight down to the floor with her knees bent. She thought that she would admit defeat first and see if Jacob was really so stubborn and not pity her. However, Jacob shared the same thought as Elaine. Although he was on bad terms with Elaine and had even planned to separate from her, they both agreed that they couldn’t let Lady Wilson live in the villa with them! Hence, Jacob held the old lady in his arms and said coldly, “Mother, please stop your sympathy-seeking act. No matter what you say, I can’t let you live in this villa!” Lady Wilson chided sadly, “Jacob Wilson, you ungrateful b*stard! I gave birth to you, you self-centered brat! How dare you stop me from living with you after you moved into such a big villa?!” Jacob nodded and said firmly, “Mother, like it or not, this is fact. No matter what, I can’t let you stay here!”

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