Chapter 805

Elaine hurriedly intruded, “Officer, don’t listen to her! She kicked my husband out of her family and cut ties with him a long time ago!” The officer looked at Elaine, then at Lady Wilson, and asked skeptically, “Is what she said true?” “Of course not!” Lady Wilson urged, “It’s something I said in the heat of the moment!” “The heat of the moment?!” Jacob was provoked. “Mom, you kicked me out of your house a long time ago, you kicked me and Claire out of Wilson Group, you deducted Elaine and I’s pensions in the company, and cut ties with me! Now that you’re in a downfall, it suddenly becomes something you said in the heat of the moment?!” The officer frowned in confusion. He asked, “Who does this villa belong to?” Charlie said, “It’s mine.” The officer nodded and asked, “What is your relationship with the old lady?” Charlie shrugged indifferently. “We’re not really related. She is my wife’s grandmother.” The officer turned to Lady Wilson, “Ma’am, you’ve come to the wrong place.

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