Chapter 785

The expression on everyone’s faces changed as soon as they heard Lady Wilson’s words! The first person who had a change of expression was none other than Elaine! She instantly understood the old lady’s intentions! She was really incredible! She was really a sly fox! She was simply pretending to give them the set of furniture because she wanted to move into their villa! She was finally able to get rid of the old lady and the Wilson family. She was finally able to live an even better life compared to the Wilson family and she was finally able to crush the Wilson family under her feet. As a result, the old lady was simply trying to suck up to them just so she could move into their huge and luxurious villa, wasn’t she? Why didn’t she just take a piss and look at her own reflection instead? Did she really deserve to stay here in the villa with them? Jacob was not a fool either. In fact, he had been seriously moved with the old lady’s generosity at first. However, in the very next sec

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