Chapter 786

Jacob also nodded repeatedly at this time. He already knew what it felt like to have a shrewd woman in the house. It felt as though he was constantly treading on thin ice. If there were two shrewd women in the house, then it would not be a home at all. Therefore, he could only harden his heart as he said, “Mom, why don’t you give me your bank account number? I will transfer the money over to you right now. Otherwise, you can take your furniture back and we can just ask the porters to move the furniture out of the villa now.” Lady Wilson was very angry as she pointed her finger at Jacob. At this time, she rushed forward to give him a slap across her face. Fortunately, Jacob reacted fast enough and he took two steps backwards quickly, so the old lady did not manage to hit him. Lady Wilson was trembling in anger because of her Jacob’s attitude. What was even more depressing was the face that she would not have the opportunity to enjoy living in such a huge and luxurious villa. This m

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