Chapter 784

However, the person who was going to live here was none other than Claire, whom she had always despised and looked down on! As she thought about this, Wendy also said, “Grandma, I’ll come with you too!” After she was done speaking, she quickly hurried forward as she supported her grandmother’s arm on one side while her brother held onto her grandmother’s other arm. The grandmother and her grandchildren walked into the living room as they observed the splendid and amazing decorations and renovation in the house. They were so amazed that they could not even say anything at all. The ceiling in the oversized living room was more than ten meters high and there was a huge, luxurious golden crystal chandelier in the middle of the living room. The light reflecting from the crystal chandelier was so colorful and bright. It was so beautiful that it was simply suffocating! Lady Wilson could not help but feel her legs trembling as she stood in the luxurious living room. Compared to this vill

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