Chapter 783

Jacob was very excited when he heard his brother’s question. He replied excitedly, “Of course it’s true! I’m willing to pay 1.2 million dollars for it!” Christopher replied, “Okay, since you really want it, then you can transfer the money over to Mom’s bank account. After that, we’ll consider the furniture sold to you.” Jacob was very satisfied and he quickly replied, “Alright then. Why don’t you send the sofa set over to our villa at Thompson First now? After the sofa set is unloaded at the villa, I’ll pay up immediately.” Christopher hesitated for a moment on the other end of the line before he replied, “Okay then. The sofa set is already in the truck now and we can transport it over to the villa at any time now.” Jacob hurriedly replied, “Okay, I will meet you at the villa at Thompson First then! See you there!” After he was done speaking, Jacob hung up the phone immediately before he said excitedly, “Charlie, you’ve guessed it correctly! They are going to sell the sofa set to

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