Chapter 782

The salesman nodded slightly before he said, “You can come back here again if you want to buy the sofa set from us.” When they turned around, Lady Wilson had already disappeared with the rest of her family. Jacob went to several shops selling Lexington wood furniture but he did not see any sofa sets that he liked. Elaine felt very anxious at this time and so, she proposed that they should just buy the other furniture for the bedroom and dining room first. Otherwise, they would have just made a wasted trip to the Furniture City today. Jacob also felt that it was not feasible for them to continue wasting time like this. Therefore, they went to check out the other shops instead. Elaine chose a bed that cost tens of thousands of dollars for herself whereas Claire simply chose a bedroom set that cost about ten thousand dollars. At this time, they also bought some furniture such as wardrobes, a dining table, and so forth for the bedrooms and the living room. They even bought all the ho

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