Chapter 763

Seventy men from Sudbury combed Aurous Hill, not leaving any missing sight. However, they could not find any clues regarding the whereabouts of Cain and Marcus. In fact, Cain and his family were in the car, leaving Aurous Hill and speeding towards the north. It was easy to catch a fish in a washbasin, but it was very difficult to find the precise fish in a freaking lake! Marcus was behind the wheels in the middle of the night, the lavish Mercedes Benz running wildly on the road. Suddenly, Cain’s phone rang. It was Cain’s neighbor who called. They retained a good relationship as they always hung out and had a drink or two together. Before they left town, he called his neighbor to ask him to take note in case there were any unusual activities around his house. So, when his neighbor called at a time like this, Cain assumed that there must be something happening at his house. Sure enough, as soon as he answered the call, the man on the other end of the line said in a low voice, “

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