Chapter 762

Kian barged forward and started kicking and punching the driver! The driver yelled in pain, but he didn’t want to provoke Kian further, hence, he could only raise his arms to protect himself from the punches. When he couldn’t hold it anymore, he quickly pulled his pants up and ran out of the toilet, didn’t even bother to wipe his buttock first. Kian shouted behind him, “Hey, hey, f*ck! Don’t you dare run away from me! I’ll break your leg!” Once he took a step forward, he suddenly felt dizzy and whimpered softly, “Oh damn…” He knew that the time had come again! In an instant, Kian Webb’s consciousness was replaced by the disgusting desire. His eyes blinked ecstatically when he saw the filthy excretion that the driver didn’t manage to flush away. He ran back into the toilet, squatted down, reached into the toilet bowl, grabbed the excrement, and stuffed it into his mouth… A few servants glanced in confusion when they saw the driver running out of the toilet while holding his pants

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