Chapter 761

The Webb family quickly released a new house rule: ‘TikTik app is strictly prohibited within the compound of the Webb family mansion and will be considered a violation of the house rule and be punished with severe punishment!’ Of course, the Webb family members adhered to the rule religiously because the video was a literal insult to their family. They wouldn’t want to watch it even if someone paid them to watch. However, the servants found the house rule repulsive. They were just working for the Webb family, they didn’t mind at all regarding the video that was transfixed in the app. On the contrary, they loved watching the video as it was very thrilling and exciting! This was mainly because the servants were subjected to a set of very strict and stern restrictions and regulations. There were many house rules that mainly controlled the servants which mostly would be punished physically or mentally once they violated the house rules. Because of the inhumane house rules, the se

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