Chapter 764

Tyler, Reuben’s father, was also stunned as he watched the scene. He was even more depressed than Reuben. As an heir apparent, his biggest fear was that his father would stay alive too long. Kangxi Emperor of the Qing Dynasty held the reigns for 61 years, and Yinreng, the son of the emperor’s first spouse, was the crown prince for forty years. Eventually, the crown prince got tired of waiting for succession and challenged his father to abdicate his throne. As Lord Moore was still holding the majority power of the family, the longer he lived, the more miserable Tyler would be. If the old man lived for another ten years, he would be in his 70s already, how could he still be the head of the family? It was even possible that he would die before his father… Tyler felt dejected when he thought of it. Jasmine, however, was delighted as she watched her grandfather getting healthier and more energized than before. Seeing that the old man was showing some signs of fatigue, she quickly m

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