Chapter 750

”What the hell?” Elaine was very anxious and she started cursing, “What kind of person is he? How can he take back something that he has already given to someone?” Charlie spread out his hand before he said, “After all, it is a gift given by someone else. Even if the person takes back his word and wants to take the villa back, we will not be able to do anything at all. How can we possibly be able to do anything to the White family?” Elaine was very annoyed and she said, “How can there be such a thing? How can he give us a villa without any furniture or appliances at all? He is really the worst!” Jacob said, “Okay! Stop it! We should just be contented. We should use our family money to buy some furniture tomorrow! After buying the furniture, we will find a moving company to move the furniture into the villa next week!” Elaine panicked as she said, “No! We are not moving into the villa if we do not resolve the issue involving the purchase of the furniture today!” “What else is ther

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