Chapter 751

Even though Jacob was useless, he was not a fool. In this family, both he and his wife, Elaine, were vain. However, Elaine’s vanity was at least ten thousand times stronger than his own vanity! In fact, Elaine was the type of person who really loved her own face, and her vanity was at an extreme level! How could she possibly have the face to say that he was the one who was filled with vanity?! Was this woman really that shameless? As he was feeling very angry and frustrated, Jacob could not help but feel that something was not quite right. Elaine had always dreamt of moving into the villa at Thompson First. She had even envisioned moving into the villa way before the renovation was completed. Not only that, Elaine had even dragged him over to the villa to check on the progress of the villa’s renovation a couple of times already. When they visited the villa, Elaine was even planning what kind of furniture they should be buying for the living room. They had been discussing the kin

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