Chapter 749

In fact, the reason why Jacob asked about the villa was because he wanted to help Charlie. He knew all about his wife’s temperament lately and he felt as though Elaine was attacking Charlie more lately. Therefore, Jacob was afraid that Elaine would continue being sarcastic as she continued attacking Charlie. In Jacob’s eyes, this son-in-law of his really saved his life many times. Therefore, he really treated Charlie as his precious son-in-law now. As the saying goes, a son-in-law was also half a biological son. Jacob could not help but feel a little sorry towards his son-in-law when he saw Charlie getting scolded. However, when Jacob suddenly talked about the villa, Elaine was also immediately distracted! Elaine looked at Charlie before she blurted out, “Yeah, when will the renovation for the villa finally be completed? When can we move into the villa? After we move into the villa, I want to leave an empty room so that I can put an automated mahjong machine inside. After that, I

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