Chapter 746

Isaac turned around and left as soon as he was done speaking. Donald squatted in place and covered his face as he cried silently. His dignity for this lifetime had been trampled all over today! What was the point of living like this? The main point was that he would never be able to defeat the Wade family. Even if he had a very deep hatred for them today, he would never be able to avenge himself or his family. He could not even think about it… Was there anything more painful than this? Yes, there was! The video of the stand-up comedy between Cain and his son, Marcus, was still circulating and spreading like wildfire online. The number of likes on the TikTok video had already exceeded more than three million likes. This was absolutely insane! About ten minutes later, the two pilots and the mechanic from the helicopter finally came over to Shangri-La. The second he saw them, Donald felt as though he had just seen his savior. The three people helped Donald and his son, Sean, get

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