Chapter 747

Before Charlie was even done preparing dinner, Stephen called him to tell him that they have already bought over TikTok. Charlie turned on TikTok and he saw that the video has already been restored. Besides that, the video of the standup comedy was also the first video that would pop up on the home screen of all the TikTok users. The number of likes on the video has grown rapidly and it has already exceeded about five million likes at this time. Charlie felt very happy and satisfied. Did Donald really think that he would be able to use money to remove the video from TikTok? So, was Donald dumbfounded now that he has already bought over the TikTok video platform? This was exactly what he was aiming for! It seemed as though the Webb family was in a really uncomfortable position now. This video would definitely be on TikTok for a pretty long time. Even though the Webb family was very upset and distressed, they was absolutely nothing that they could do at all. After he was done pre

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