Chapter 745

Donald felt as though he was about to collapse! The helicopter was just hovering above their heads now. If Isaac would just allow the helicopter to land here, the person inside could help the father and son bring the five useless men into the helicopter with them. After that, they could take off and head back to Sudbury in less than ten minutes! He would be able to bring his son home then. However, Isaac was not even willing to give him this privilege at all! At this time, Donald quickly begged, “Mr. Cameron, my son and I are already in a very miserable state. Please be merciful and magnanimous. Please, could you just allow the helicopter to land so that we can get on the helicopter and return to Sudbury immediately? I will never forget your kindness!” Isaac snorted coldly, “Do you think you are so close to me? Do you really think you are worthy of my mercy and kindness at all?” After he was done speaking, Isaac waved his hand and said, “I have already said what I needed to say.

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