Chapter 744

Even though the Webb family also has an assets amounting to two hundred billion dollars, they did not have so much cash on hand. The amount of cash that they had on hand probably amounted to less than ten billion dollars. A household was like a family. If a family had two million dollars’ worth of assets, it did not necessarily mean that they had two million dollars in cash. They could own a house worth one million three hundred thousand dollars, a car worth two hundred thousand dollars, and certain other miscellaneous things worth two hundred thousand dollars. Finally, they would have about two hundred thousand dollars in cash. That way, all of their assets and cash would eventually add up to two million dollars. Therefore, even though the Webb family had a net worth of two hundred billion dollars, they did not have that much cash on hand. If they were to buy the TikTok video platform for eighty five billion dollars, they would have to sell almost half of their assets to do so.

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