Chapter 743

As Donald finally heaved a huge sigh of relief because the video on TikTok had already been deleted, he would never have dreamt that the TikTok video platform had already completed their transaction with the Wade family from Eastcliff. At this time, the Wade family from Eastcliff wholly owned the TikTok video platform which they had acquired for eighty-five billion dollars. Before the news was officially released, the Wade family had already begun to take over the operations of the TikTok video platform. The first thing they did was to restore Marcus’s deleted account. At the same time, they also restored the video that had been deleted. Immediately afterward, the technicians set it up so that this video would pop up directly on the home screen of all the users on the TikTok video platform across the entire country! Donald did not know that things had already taken a one-hundred-and-eighty-degree turn at this point. As he was waiting for the helicopter to arrive, he suddenly rece

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