Chapter 742

However, just as the number of likes on the video had exceeded one and a half million likes, there was suddenly a prompt on the TikTok account: ‘Your account has been permanently suspended for posting illegal contents!’ Charlie frowned as soon as he saw the message. What the hell? Permanently suspended? Charlie immediately took out his own cell phone and tried to search for the stand-up comedy video between Cain and Marcus. At this time, he realized that the entire video had already been deleted from the internet! Charlie then realized that this must have been done by Donald. He must have spent some money to deal with his public relations crisis! Truth be told, Charlie had not expected Donald to use this method to curb the spread and circulation of this video. He could not help but feel a little annoyed at this time. After thinking about it, Charlie used his cell phone to call Stephen Thompson who was far away in Eastcliff. Isaac Cameron was one of the many spokesmen of the W

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