Chapter 626

Before their car had even stopped properly, Sean looked out the window and saw a middle-aged man hurriedly rushing forward to greet them from outside the car. At this time, the middle-aged man also saluted both the father and son respectfully. Donald nodded slightly at him before he told Sean, “This is the Cain Lloyd I was telling you about.” Sean was slightly surprised. As soon as the car stopped, Cain came forward in a hurry as he opened the car door for Donald. After that, he quickly greeted them with a smile on his face, “Cain Lloyd at your service, Mr. Webb and young master Webb…” Donald nodded before he said, “You’ve arrived rather early today.” Cain hurriedly replied, “I truly would never have expected you to invite me to come for your banquet dinner tonight. I was afraid that I would be late if I did not come earlier.” Cain originally would not have the opportunity to come to The Heaven Springs in his lifetime. This was because Albert not only engraved the words ‘patheti

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