Chapter 625

”Oh, my God!” Sean could not stop himself from exclaiming out loud when he heard this. “Don Albert actually used a knife to carve the words ‘pathetic jerk’ on Cain’s son’s forehead?! You would not be exaggerating if you said that there was a deep hatred between them!” “Yes.” Donald smiled slightly before he said, “I guess Cain and his son can only dream of killing Don Albert and getting rid of him in their dreams!” When he heard his father’s words, Sean could not help but ask, “Dad, since you know that there is an enmity between Cain and Don Albert, why did you still invite Cain to come for the banquet dinner tonight?” Donald smiled again as he said, “Don’t you think that this is an opportunity for us to make use of Cain? He is nothing but a stray dog who wants to bite but does not dare to open his mouth. What he is currently lacking is a host that will back him up and support him so that he can open his mouth and bite with confidence in the future.” At this time, Sean replied, “D

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