Chapter 624

Besides that, even if the girls admired him or were interested in him, their family might not necessarily be able to accept him into their families. Donald sighed before he said, “I received news from home that your younger brother’s condition is not very optimistic now.” “What’s wrong?” Sean hurriedly asked. “Did his condition deteriorate any further?” “No, that did not happen.” Donald continued speaking, “His illness is the same as it was before. He still has to eat shit every hour. However, it seems as though your brother’s emotional and mental condition is in very bad shape. In the past, he would feel like committing suicide if he did not get to eat shit every hour. However, now, whenever he has finished eating shit and regained his consciousness, he would feel like committing suicide. He said that it is too painful and pointless for him to continue living like this.” Donald could only sigh after he was done speaking. He really did not know who Kian had offended and why he woul

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