Chapter 627

Donald was very satisfied with Cain’s attitude. He nodded slightly before he walked into The Heaven Springs. Albert had already arranged for the employees of The Heaven Springs to make all the necessary preparations and prepare all the dishes for the banquet dinner that night. At the same time, all the other people who were invited to the banquet had also arrived early, and they had already been waiting for Donald for quite a long time. Albert, Graham, and Zeke had the same attitude toward the Webb family. They were not here to flatter Donald or to curry any favor with him, but they also had no intention of offending him and the Webb family. This was the reason why they accepted the Webb family invitation to attend this banquet dinner tonight. In fact, the three of them had already thought everything through. They had even met up in private to discuss this matter amongst themselves. They decided to simply give the Webb family some face and to be polite and respectful toward Donald,

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