Chapter 521

When the news about the Weaver family hit the streets, Charlie, who had kicked Jordan and Jeffrey into living hell and helped Liam to rise up, was in the kitchen cooking lunch for his wife and in-laws. At the dining table, Jacob and Elaine were actively talking about the Weaver family. They loved to talk about such gossip, especially Elaine. She would be thrilled for the next three days if she knew about the misfortune that happened in another family. When Elaine mocked Jordan and Jeffrey for their misfortune, Claire chided, “Mom, don’t mock others like that, it’s not nice.” Elaine snorted in disdain. “Huh, I can ignore other people, but I won’t miss a chance of mocking the Weaver family!” Then, she said in a sheepish tone, “Oh yes, did you know that Wendy was seemingly with Jeffrey a few days ago?” “Huh?” Claire gaped in bewilderment. “No way. Jeffrey is thirty-something, isn’t he? He is at least a decade older than Wendy! I don’t think Wendy wants to be with him.” Elaine clicke

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