Chapter 520

“No, I’m not!” Christopher yelled frustratedly, “I’m just trying to get my mom off my back! Hurry and spend our money quickly so she won’t bug us about it. It’s best if we can find a good house today and buy it!” Hannah asked in shock, “What? Now?” “Yes!” Christopher said, “My mom thought that I have ten million, didn’t she? So, let’s use ten million to buy a house. Then, we can show her the house purchase contract and tell her that we’ve used the money to buy a house. What else can she say then?” Hannah grinned in delight and said, “Wow, Chris, you’re such a genius! Alright! Let’s go house shopping!” When the Wilson family was in the muddy situation again, the Weaver family became the hottest topic in town. What happened in the Weaver family was a harsh reminder to everyone that if you were not the best, you would likely be crushed by the people at the top of the pyramid! Weaver Pharmaceuticals was one of the top pharmaceutical companies in the southern region, and because of th

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