Chapter 519

Lady Wilson fell into complete despair. She didn’t want the legacy that she worked hard for her whole life to be gone just like that. Besides, this villa was the only property she had in Aurous Hill. If they went bankrupt, the villa would definitely be seized. Next, she, her son, and his family would be kicked off to the streets. Then, she suddenly remembered that Christopher must have some money in his hands. She quickly asked, “Chris, how much money do you have right now?” Christopher’s heart skipped a beat in panic. He blurted, “Mom, I don’t have much, just a few million…” “A few million? Why so little?” Lady Wilson frowned in dismay. “Kenneth gave Wendy five million. Over the years, you’ve stayed here without any additional expenses and you even receive salary from Wilson Group! Where did all your money go?” Christopher’s face twisted into a sad grimace. “Mom, I don’t have any savings! Yes, my living expenses have been quite low because I stay with you, but I still have to s

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