Chapter 522

Charlie nodded and said, “Yes, Mr. White informed me that the work will be completed next month and we can move in then.” Claire said, “Would it be good to move in right after the renovation is completed? Shouldn’t we wait for a while for the smell of the paint and whatever to disappear first?” Elaine interjected, “Ah, it’s okay. I went to see the progress with your dad the other day. They used imported non-polluting materials for the renovation containing zero formaldehyde. There was really no smell at all in the house. In fact, they installed an air purifying system in the house that replaces fresh air twenty-four hours a day, it is very advanced and healthy!” Claire nodded without a word. She was rather indifferent and aloof about the whole idea of moving to the Thompson First villa, but Charlie was right. They would not live on the same floor as her parents after moving into the new house. In this case, they would have more privacy and personal space, unlike now, where there was

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