Chapter 494

Liam had never told anyone about his life. Anthony was the first person that he ever told his story to. Ever since he was brought back to the Weaver family, Liam had always been insulted and humiliated by everyone around him. Since his childhood, his father, Jordan, and his half-brother, Jeffrey, had always hated him. He had always been scolded, beaten, and subjected to various sorts of humiliations but he had slowly gotten used to it. He had been very patient as he slowly waited for the day when he would finally be able to find a suitable opportunity to get out of his dark and miserable situation. Since the Weaver family was suffering from such a huge crisis and since Jordan had already officially announced that the position of chairman of Weaver Pharmaceuticals would be given to anyone who could resolve this crisis, Liam decided that he should take advantage of this opportunity to use the thousand-year-old snow white ginseng that he had kept hidden for more than twenty years to t

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