Chapter 495

Anthony hung up the phone before he told Liam, “Mr. Wade has already agreed to meet you. You can come with me now.” When Liam heard this, he immediately showed an expression of gratitude as he bowed before Anthony and said, “Thank you for your generosity and help, Dr. Simmons!” Anthony waved his hand before he said, “I’m just lending Mr. Wade a hand. You don’t need to thank me. If Mr. Wade is willing to help you, then you can just thank him directly.” Liam nodded in a hurry before he said, “Okay, should we leave now, Dr. Simmons?” Anthony nodded before he called out to his granddaughter, Xyla, as he said, “Xyla! Can you drive us over to Mr. Wade’s house?” When Xyla heard that her grandfather was going to see Charlie, she was very excited and she quickly said, “Grandpa, let’s go over now! We wouldn’t want Mr. Wade to wait so long!” After that, Liam took his thousand-year-old snow white ginseng with him before he followed Anthony and Xyla out of Serene World Clinic. After that, the

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